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Integrating devices and “Monsters”
now also on your screen

Already more than 50.000 Teachers and Students have discovered the power of hey!

Easy to use, even if you are not an expert teacher in technology… you don’t need to use a device yourself.

Additional screen + Educational software

Multiple tools for understanding, expression and class participation


Students can express in real-time whether they have understood a concept/subject or whether they didn’t catch it all, and in this way be able to solve any doubts, which left unresolved will worsen. Teachers love the way that all questions go to all students allowing them to participate equally during class and not just the few students who raise their hands.


Students select the answer they think is correct between 4 answer, A, B, C and D.


Students can write the answer to an open question. With hey!tech same responses will be shown in the same colour allowing the teacher to check a hey! close-by and thus determine how the class has done at a glance. Perfect for quick questions about any subject and level. For example: vocabulary, spelling, problems resolution, mathematical formulas, dates, numbers, places, names, short descriptions and options…


Students can express their viewpoint on a variety of issues presented by the teacher.


Teachers do not know what students are doing all the time, they may be on-task or they might be surfing the web.


This bar allows the teacher to know if the student is on internet (RED, be aware) or is not (GREEN, you can be a little more relax if you decided that this moment of the class is without internet) and if its turn off…then they have disconnected hey!U. In Android phones even you can know if the student has Airplane mode, to avoid interruptions like call.


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  • It helps the teacher to make decisions and modify the planification of the learning
  • It adapts to the particular needs of the student in every single moment, adapting new strategies according to the received feedback.
  • Two-way communication is achieved and special bonds are established between teachers and students.
  • The class is more dynamic and becomes more interactive, becoming easier to follow.
  • Students can self-evaluate and compare their progress with the objectives they have to achieve.
  • Students are more motivated towards learning in which they engage directly.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 827266