We believe in a different education where technology can be reinforced with the human component and vice versa.


Wouldn´t it be great to see, at a glance, the overall results from a class?


Wouldn´t it be great if students could express themselves more easily, and in that way guide the teachers to achieve an ideal pace in the classroom?

hey! gives you a real-time view of what goes on in the class, the actual results, opinions and feelings of the students. It provides the teacher with more tools to explain so that everyone can understand a specific topic.

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For us, what is taught in the classroom goes much further than just something that can be measured by a simple examination. We believe in a new method of education where you learn every day and not just with the sole goal of passing a specific test at the end of the term.


Daily learning requires a two way flow of information between students and teachers in order to adapt the rhythm of the content. This information will not only provide useful feedback to the teacher but also help to forge a closer relationship between everyone.


We propose a simple system, which does not require any network connectivity. hey!tech is a LED panel (either integrated into a device or connected via USB or OTG) where they can express how they feel about something and answer questions asked by the teacher. The unique aspect of our system is that the teacher can, at a glance, see the answers of all students in a class and know right away the real level of understanding of the class.