hey!U – 5 units USB Pack

304,32 IVA incluido

Pack content: 5 hey!U (1 of each color) + 5 USB bases

Get the latest educational technology without changing your device.

Connect hey!U to any Windows device and you will have an extra screen to visually interact with people around you.

With hey!U teachers can create more interactive classes, where everybody participates, making them easier to follow for the students and more fun.

The hey! screen is connected to the hey!education software which enables the teacher to carry out comprehension exercises, tests, as well as view who is on-task, and includes tools for students to express themselves.

At a glance and without internet connectivity the teacher can create interactive classes where all the students can participate in class and express themselves. At the same time the teacher can verify the comprehension of class contents and adapt the pace of learning according to this.

A simple USB connected device that with just a “click” solves many of the difficulties experienced with classroom teaching.

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